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Finland, a member of the European Union since 1995, has about 5.3 million inhabitants and is one of the largest countries in Europe. Finland is a northern country of great beauty and has a distinctive cultural life. The capital of the country is Helsinki. Two thirds of the surface area is covered by forest and there are nearly 200,000 lakes in Finland. The coastal archipelago with its labyrinthic waterways is unique. Finland has 35 wild and beautiful national parks covering 8170 square kilometres.


The city of Helsinki was founded in 1550 by King Gustav Vasa of Sweden and has been the capital of Finland since 1812. The city with its architecture and culture has been influenced by both the east and the west. Helsinki has a colourful history, and nowadays it is the centre of Finland’s cultural and business life.

More than one-fifth of the country’s population lives in the Helsinki area. It is easy to get around the capital. The nature as well as the Baltic Sea is present even in the city centre. A great way to enjoy the sea and Finland’s magnificent archipelago is to take a cruise from Helsinki to the Baltic Sea.

Jussi Hellsten/Visit Helsinki

Jussi Hellsten/Visit Helsinki

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Visa information

Finland is a member of the European Union and is a part of the Schengen area. Citizens of EU countries do not need a visa, but a valid passport is required. Citizens of other countries kindly contact the nearest Finnish Embassy for further information. Also please check visa formalities if you plan to visit the Russian Federation during your trip.

The congress organizers will send the proof of registration as soon as the full registration fee has been received. The confirmation document will serve as your invitation letter when applying for the visa.

The organizer will assist applicants if needed in the visa application process. If you know you will be needing visa for your entry in Finland, please start the application process in good time.

More information about visas for Finland, please see and further questions can be e-mailed to visas.passports(at)


The registration fee does not include any insurance. Please check the coverage of your own insurance.

Time Zone

Time in Finland is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


The currency in Finland is the Euro (EUR/€), divided in 100 cents. Please check the current exchange rates.

Foreign currency and travellers’ cheques can be exchanged in exchange offices located for example at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Helsinki Railway Station as well as in the centre of Helsinki. Please note the banking hours if you wish to exchange money in a bank.


230 volts (50HZ), plugs conform to the northern European standard with 2 pins.

Travel around

Once in Finland, many delegates wish to explore the country, or the neighboring countries more extensively. There is a variety of choices, for example visiting the Finnish Lapland to see the midnight sun, taking a cruise to the neighbouring cities of Stockholm, Tallinn or St. Petersburg or enjoying one of the summer festivals in Finland.

You can also look and the travel sites of your host cities and